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Bobber Republic

Before Choppers, there was Bobbers...

Click to read more about Bobbers. This website is dedicated to all Harley, Triumph, BSA, XS650 and Indian motorcycles which have been converted to Bobber, Chopper, Short Chop, Dirt Racer, Lowrider, Lane Splitter, Barhopper or Ratbike, and everything in between, whether bare bones or custom bike, whether Old School Bobber or Neo Bobber, and whether Fathead, Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, Ironhead, Shovelhead, Blockhead or Nohead.

Enjoy our Bobber photo albums!

The Experts' Views on Bobbers and Choppers has invited a number of motorcycle experts and Bobber artists to give their opinions and personal views on Bobbers, Choppers and other custom bikes. Not with the intent to find alignment (nothing lost if we do or if we don't) but rather to deepen the subject.

Discover what these guys have to say:


Bobber Republic - About Bobbers

Click to read more about Bobbers. Ever since the classic movie "Easy Rider" was launched in 1969, everybody seems to know what a "Chopper" should look like. The general idea is quite simple: Choppers have long front forks and lots of chrome. And in people's minds they are prefereably ridden by outcasts...

That's Choppers. Now with "Bobbers", it's different...

Ever since November 2007, when we started working on our Harley Davidson and Indian Bobber websites, we have many times received that one particular question from our visitors:   What Exactly is a Bobber?     ... Read More ...

Bobber History

Click this photo to check Bobber History in a bit more detail. The "bobbing" of motorcycles goes back to the 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's, to the days of classic Dirt Track Racing, Road Racing and Hill Climbing events.

During those days there was no big after sales market like we got right now, and the most effective way to increase performance was to shed as much weight as possible.

So it was that during those days guys would ride their bike to work during the week, and during the weekend they would strip off all ballast from the bike and participate in a race!     ... Read More ...

Straight Bobber or Custom Bobber?

Click this photo to discover the differences between Straight Bobbers and Custom Bobbers. Many bike owners take off the front fender, bob their rear fender, weld on a hardtail, mount a springer fork, white wall tires, all with the intent to create the image of the classic Bobber.

All beautiful bikes. However, if you mount a springer fork or a hardtail, such are no small or minor modifications.

It is here that we arrive at a major split in Bobber land: Any Bobber is either a "Straight Bobber" or a "Custom Bobber".             ... Read More ...

Bobber Republic - About Choppers

Click this photo to read more about Choppers. A "Chopper" is a motorcycle of which the rake of the front fork has been increased to a rake which is considerably larger than the rake of the original stock motorcycle.

By "rake" we mean the angle with the vertical. While the rake of the front fork is important from a styling point of view, the cornering and stability characteristics of a bike are governed by the rake of the centerline of the steering neck of the frame in combination with the trail of the front wheel.             ... Read More ...

Short Chops?

Click to check out the differences between Choppers and Short Chops. By "Short Chop" we mean a short Chopper.

In our mind, as soon as a stock bike or a Bobber has her rake increased, she's not a stock bike or a Bobber anymore. From then on she's a Chopper.

However, not all Choppers have those extremely long forks. A Short Chop does have an increased rake and/or a longer fork, but all within limits.

It is like a Chopper that looks a bit like a Bobber.             ... Read More ...

Chopper and Bobber Specials

While we keep our standards and have no intent to publish just any motorcycle that in one way or another may resemble a Bobber, we also keep our eyes open for special creations.

Here is one example:

2005 Briggs Bobber in Indian Scout Style by Bob Decker. 2005 Briggs Bobber in Indian Scout Style by Bob Decker

Bobber Republic - Lexicon of Bobbers and Choppers

In the BR Motorcycle Lexicon you will find our definitions of Bobbers, Short Chops, Choppers and other custom motorcycles.

These definitions represent our own interpretation. Other people may have different ideas, which we respect. It's just that on our various Bobber and Chopper pages we use this set of definitions, which we try to apply as consistently as possible.                   ... Read More ...

Click to check out this Triumph Custom Bobber. 1967 Triumph Trophy Bobber

Cool Bobber Movies by Zack & Scott