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Taber Nash on Bobbers and Choppers

A Talk with the Experts... has invited a number of motorcycle experts and Bobber artists to give their opinions and personal views on Bobbers, Choppers and other custom bikes. Not with the intent to find alignment (nothing lost if we do or if we don't) but rather to deepen the subject.

Taber Nash riding his #9 Short Chop On this page we got Mr. Taber Nash, owner of Nash Motorcycle Company from Vancouver, Washington, United States.

Taber, together with his brothers Teddy and Trent, started Nash Motorcycle Company in March 2003. As the shop has grown Trent has gone on to do his own things in life, but Taber and Teddy together with friends Marlin, Josh and Austin continue to run NMC and build quality bikes and parts.

The Nash Brothers build very original Bobbers, Choppers and Hot Rod Bikes, mixing the old with the new. Examples of their work are the "Looky Looky" Bobber and the #9 Bobber that can be viewed on the Ironhead Bobbers website.

Photo of Nash 1157 Chopper - shot by Josh Kurpius.

Photos by Josh Kurpius

Taber on Bobbers

What makes a Bobber a Bobber?

Taber: "A bike that is simple, clean, good lines, short rear fender, and has as little as possible to make the bike function."

"Original Bobber"?

Taber: "I don't really use that expression, but I would say an original bobber is the bikes that came to be after world war 2, they had a rolled forward stock rear fender, and a simple clean look."

"True Bobber"?

Taber: "I dont really use this expression either but a true bobber would be a bike with stock rake, higher handlebars, no front fender, with more an early model HD stance."

"Oldschool Bobber"?

Taber: "An oldschool would go back to the world war 2 or post world war 2 look that our dads and grandfathers were building."

What does your favourite Bobber look like?

Taber: "I like 1930's 1940"s flathead or knuckle with a lot of miles on it."

Photo of NMC 'Cole' Nash Chopper

Taber on Choppers

What makes a Chopper a Chopper?

Taber: "Taller frame, stretched out front end, more of a triangle look."

"Short Chops "?

Taber: "Shorter frame but still raked out with a long front end and low to the ground."

"Original Chopper"?

Taber: "The original choppers would go back to the 1950's and 60's roots where guys would pull everything possible off the bike that didn't need to be there, even the kickstand sometimes."

"Oldschool Chopper"?

Taber: "It would still refer to the 1950's and 60's look."

What does your favourite Chopper look like?

Taber: "Low handlebars, 2" over in the backbone, 4" in the downtube, 30 degree rake, small chopped up Sporty tank, stock width tires and wheels, with a French Kiss Kustoms paint job."

Check Out Taber Nash:

If you'd like to get to know Taber a little better, please don't hesitate to visit the Nash Motorcycle Company website:

Click Picture of the Nash Slugger to visit the Nash Motorcycle Company website

Photo by Josh Kurpius

Click to visit the NMC website

(January 2010)

The Experts' Views on Bobbers and Choppers

On these pages we give you the personal opinions and views of motorcycle experts and Bobber artists.

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