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Todd Apple on Bobbers and Choppers

A Talk with the Experts... has invited a number of motorcycle experts and Bobber artists to give their opinions and personal views on Bobbers, Choppers and other custom bikes. Not with the intent to find alignment (nothing lost if we do or if we don't) but rather to deepen the subject.

Todd Apple and Casey Chuba On this page we got Mr. Todd Apple who - together with Casey Chuba - runs a motorcycle shop named Pro Power Performance in Boise, Idaho, United States.

Between them, these two wrenches have over 72 years of Harley experience!

Under the name of "Bent Brothers Custom Motorcycles" these guys build real awesome custom bikes.

One example of their work is the Shovelhead "Salt Racer" Short Chop that can be viewed on the Shovelhead Bobbers website.

And here's another example:

Photo of 1999 Harley Evo Hardtail Low Rider by Todd Apple of Bent Brothers Custom Motorcycles 1999 Harley Evo Hardtail Low Rider Short Chop by Bent Brothers

Todd on Bobbers

What makes a Bobber a Bobber?

Todd: "To keep it real simple, the original "Bobber" was created when a basic shop bike, was stripped to it's simplest form ... meaning a stock bike was taken and all parts but the bare, bare minimum was taken off the bike. The bike then was a "Bobber" because it ran, but was completely minimal, minimal to the extreme ... there is air and space between the the tank and frame, lacking fenders, ferring, etc. ...

To an extent, "Bobber" is a classification for a bike regardless of its properties, there is no specific "specs" that make a bobber a bobber... it is a term to describe many types and styles of bikes that sort of lack a specific style or type ... it is a term that has been around for awhile.

Originally a bobber would have been thought of as an inexpensive, "poor man's" bike, no extras on it to bump up the cost.

Hope that helps - think simple, no extras, no chrome, and as little parts as possible."

Photo of the 'Salt Flat Racer' by Todd Apple of Bent Brothers Custom Motorcycles Armageddon? Mad Max? ... Todd calls this his Salt Flat Racer...

Photo of the Shovelhead Short Chop 'Salt Flat Racer' by Todd Apple of Bent Brothers Custom Motorcycles

Todd on Choppers

What makes a Chopper a Chopper?

Todd: "Choppers....when you cut it up, modify the frame, change the fork angle ... longer forks ... definitely not the same shape as a bobber ..."

Photo of Bent Brothers Custom Motorcycles Short Chop 1999 Harley Evo Hardtail Low Rider Short Chop by Bent Brothers

Check Out Todd Apple:

"We call 'm what we call 'm so we can communicate it, sorry but it's not a definite science!" - Todd Apple

Photo of the Bent Brothers signature exhaust piping Bent Brothers signature exhaust plumbing

For more information on Bent Brothers Bikes you are always welcome to call Todd at (208) 685-0185 or email:

" propowerperformance at hotmail dot com "

Pro Power Performance, Inc.

Pro Power Performance, Inc.

1649 Amber Street
Boise, ID 83706-1107,
United States
(208) 685 0185

(February 2010)

The Experts' Views on Bobbers and Choppers

On these pages we give you the personal opinions and views of motorcycle experts and Bobber artists.

Discover what the other guys have to say: